We went up with a hot-air balloon today! It was a 5-year-anniversary surprise present from D. So at 19.00 we went to the meeting place which is luckily in the park right behind our appartment building. There were many balloons going up at the same time so we had to wait at least an hour, hanging around and checking how the balloons got inflated with air and flew away one by one. Ours was the last one, there were 20 people "on board". Thank God I didn't wear a skirt cause although it's the 21st century and our 'pilot' was using lots of electrical gadgets to determine the altitude, speed, wind, air temperature and location you still had to CLIMB in the basket.

Ok I didn't have any problem with the whole flying thing until we got to a really high altitude above the city. Then I was SCARED sh*tless. But after ten minutes of grabbing the ropes inside the basket intensively and not daring to move my feet I got used to the feeling of being so out in the open so high and I started taking pictures too. We saw Gouda from above: our house, the lakes (Reeuwijkse plassen), even the North-Sea was visible on the horizon. After an hour, hour and a half we landed on a farmer's field in Bodegraven. The touchdown was surprisingly soft, no bumping, no falling over. The owner came with wife and kids to check out the balloon phenomena appearing on his property. Plus we had extra audience: the neighbouring nudist camping's current habitants also came out to greet us (why is it that only old and ugly people become nudists?). Then another boring hour passed folding and packing the envelope in a van. And after a glass of champagne a bus picked us up and we drove back to Gouda.

You can check out the pics in my album on Facebook.

Wreck This Journal - Let's start destroying!

Although I didn't have much time yesterday I did some damage in the evening cause I was in the mood. I added some non-fruitsticker decoration to the fruit sticker page, chewed on the page where it was required (not very yummi), did the journal-golf (no photos to document it unfortunately), glued back the 'golfball' page to be able to spread the fruitsticker page, and I cut out the paper-chain page, in the hope of a future paper-chain. Plus I slept with the journal. (I had nightmares, but hopefully not FROM it :) I will have to describe the experience on the pages :)


The Talented Mr Ripley

Have you seen the movie? I watched it yesterday (approximately for the tenth time) and I realised this Ripley guy is exactly like those students who go around shooting in their schools. Just because you're a loser, don't have money and connections, doesn't mean that you have the right to kill those people who have everything.

Wreck This Journal - Not much happening yet

I'm still brainstorming about lots of ideas for lots of pages of the journal. I made a slight progress with the fruit sticker page (though I actually didn't eat the fruits they were on) and also added stickers to the cover.There are so many things to do I don't know where to start :)

But instruction no. 1 is done for sure: I started carrying the journal in my bag to work in case I get hit by brilliant ideas while pretending to work :)


Wreck This Journal - Finally!!

Finally my own fresh WTJ. Smells good, looks good probably also tastes good (didn't get to the biting part yet).

Since I'm quite worn out today and don't feel up to any creative challenge, I started with doodling. I haven't been drawing this pattern since high school but let me tell you it was quite recreational.

And my very first stickers on the back. I had to use them cause my journal arrived with a British price tag glued on it's back which I removed (bad idea) and all of a sudden my book started sticking to everything I put it on.

I was a bit afraid that when I get my nice and shiny new book I wouldn't feel like ruining it according to the instructions but after doodling I realized wrecking is not necessarily destroying. It's more like using and that means making it your own. So I can say I'm already owning my journal! :)


Wreck This Journal - The Waiting

I'm going to dedicate my blog (for now) to my new project: wrecking the journal.

For those who doesn't know what this book is all about, here are the instructions:

* Carry this with you everywhere you go.

* Follow the instructions on every page.

* Order is not important.

* Instructions are open to interpretation.

* Experiment. (Work against your better judgement.)

I decided to document my progress with WTJ. At the moment I'm in the waiting phase, I ordered it online but hasn't arrived yet. I'm a bit impatient. It's been a week now! I will have my birthday this saturday, would be cool to get the book by then, as a present from the National Dutch Postservice (TNT).

I can tell you I'm already avoiding tons of pages in my mind. Especially the one where I have to carry my journal UNDER THE SHOWER!! Guess I just didn't get to that creational highpoint yet.