Wreck This Journal - Finally!!

Finally my own fresh WTJ. Smells good, looks good probably also tastes good (didn't get to the biting part yet).

Since I'm quite worn out today and don't feel up to any creative challenge, I started with doodling. I haven't been drawing this pattern since high school but let me tell you it was quite recreational.

And my very first stickers on the back. I had to use them cause my journal arrived with a British price tag glued on it's back which I removed (bad idea) and all of a sudden my book started sticking to everything I put it on.

I was a bit afraid that when I get my nice and shiny new book I wouldn't feel like ruining it according to the instructions but after doodling I realized wrecking is not necessarily destroying. It's more like using and that means making it your own. So I can say I'm already owning my journal! :)

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