Wreck This Journal - The Waiting

I'm going to dedicate my blog (for now) to my new project: wrecking the journal.

For those who doesn't know what this book is all about, here are the instructions:

* Carry this with you everywhere you go.

* Follow the instructions on every page.

* Order is not important.

* Instructions are open to interpretation.

* Experiment. (Work against your better judgement.)

I decided to document my progress with WTJ. At the moment I'm in the waiting phase, I ordered it online but hasn't arrived yet. I'm a bit impatient. It's been a week now! I will have my birthday this saturday, would be cool to get the book by then, as a present from the National Dutch Postservice (TNT).

I can tell you I'm already avoiding tons of pages in my mind. Especially the one where I have to carry my journal UNDER THE SHOWER!! Guess I just didn't get to that creational highpoint yet.

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